Sci-Fi Conspiracy Thrillers with
a Psychic Twist

That nagging sense someone’s watching. A feeling of impending doom before a disaster. Recognizing evil when you first meet it. Everyone experiences those strange vibes, odd tingles and unexplained shudders. But some people sense more. They’re called Indigos.

The Indigo Files is an upcoming ebook series that has been described (by my editor) as a cross between the sci-fi thriller conspiracies of X-files and the adventures of Warehouse 13.

In the first book, Entangled, secret service agent Ben Delano is recruited into a clandestine organization called The Knowledge Reserve (KnowRes) dedicated to managing scientific information considered too dangerous to be released. Among the realities hidden by KnowRes is the existence of Indigos—people with psychic abilities.

In his first case, Delano investigates a rogue group of Indigos infiltrating the U.S. government. His only leads: the oddball visions of a homeless clairvoyant and the twisted warnings of an incarcerated—and psychic—serial killer.

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Books 1 and 2 of The Indigo Files are scheduled to be published early in 2019. I’ll drop you a line when that happens. Thanks!

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