Broken Talisman goes to editor

Broken Talisman (Broken Realms Book 7) should be out around the first week of May.

Well, it’s nearly, and finally, done. Broken Talisman (Broken Realms, Book 7) is off to the editor. With revisions, I expect it to be published around the first week of May (2019). Here’s the cover to give you hint of the adventure to come in the final installment in this series.

Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Once again, I experienced some significant health setbacks that took me away from the keyboard. But, I’m on the mend (I hope) and was able to finish this one up.

A quick note for Kindle Unlimited readers: Beginning in mid-April, Books 1 through 6 of this series will no longer be exclusive to Amazon and will be available at Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Kobo, and several other online retailers. However, Broken Talisman will be published exclusively to Amazon for three months only so KU readers can finish the series. You should borrow the book during that time period, even if you don’t read it during that time. Amazon will allow you to keep the book checked out even after the exclusivity period ends.

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