Sneak Peek at The Indigo Files

The plan is to begin publishing The Indigo Files series sometime in the Fall of 2018 after there are three books written in the series, and after I have completed The Chronicles of Mara Lantern.

However, I have Entangled (The Indigo Files, Book 1) written and didn’t want to let it sit around for a year without anyone reading it. So, I’m making it available to my email subscribers for free to hold them over while I finish up the adventures of Mara, Sam and Ping.

If you already subscribe to my new release list, you should have received an email with a link to download the book. If you missed the email, or you haven’t subscribed, you can subscribe here and download the book. (Existing subscribers can enter their address without worrying about getting duplicate emails from me. My list service eliminates duplicates automatically.)

Here’s the plot description of the book:

An action-adventure blend of X-Files and Warehouse 13—with psychics.

The Indigo Division of The Knowledge Reserve—a clandestine agency dedicated to keeping dangerous scientific research and information from becoming public—recruits former Secret Service agent Benjamin Delano.

In his first assignment, a homeless clairvoyant man helps Delano learn why a group of rogue Indigos—people with psychic abilities—is trying to kill the president and infiltrate the government.

Hope you enjoy the new book (and series).

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