What’s taking so long with Book 6?

For those of you still hanging in there waiting for the rest of the Mara Lantern series, I’d like to say thanks. I know there’s been a huge delay in getting the last two books out. If all goes to plan, Broken Spells (Book 6) should be out around Feb. 1, and Broken Talisman (Book 7) will be out around June 1. Assuming things keep going in the right direction.

So, what has taken so long?

In July of 2016, shortly after Broken Dreams was published, I came down with diffuse Scleroderma, which is a chronic auto-immune disease that causes thickening of the skin and connective tissues. In my case, this has happened over my entire body except for my head and face, making it difficult to walk, sit at a desk or type. (The best description I read compared it to being mummified alive.)

Anyway, I’ll spare you the gory details, but after several months of freaking out, a few more months trying to learn to use dictation software, and purchasing a small laptop with a flat keyboard, I’ve worked up a system for writing that works for me.

I recently completed the first novel in a new series, which I had started before getting ill, (I’ll post about that later) and I finished the Bonus Chapters for Broken Realms.

In the last few weeks, it feels like the Scleroderma has been letting up a bit, which, considering the alternatives, is great news. While it’s unlikely the damage it has done to my hands and legs will reverse itself, if it stalls out at this point, I can work around the limitations.

I’m keeping my crooked fingers crossed and counting my blessings.

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