A rendering of the Chronicle of Creation

This is an illustration of the Chronicle of Creation as described in Broken Realms. I actually stopped writing to draw this file and forgot about it until I found it this evening, so I thought I would share. In case you don’t remember, the Chronicle of Creation is the copper medallion that turns into a ball of blue light and displays the lines and nodes representing the different realms of existence.Chronicle

The design of the medallion itself represents what Ping describes as the “Levels of Sentience.” Here’s a refresher on all of the concepts symbolized on the face of the Chronicle. (It will be a nice refresher for those of you looking forward to purchasing Broken Souls when it comes out at the end of the month.) Anyway, here goes:

The Chronicle of Creation is made up of three concentric circles that represent the three levels of sentience, or awareness that an individual can have of the nature of existence. The inner circle (with the orange crystal) represents THOUGHT. The next outer ring (with the parallel line symbols), represents PERCEPTION. The outer most circle represents REALITY.

The crystals and symbols in each circle represent the ELEMENTS of each level. The center orange crystal represents FREE WILL, which a prompter like Sam can manipulate. In the second circle, you see the parallel line symbols. Starting at the top, going clockwise, they represent the elements of PERCEPTION: EARTH, WIND, FIRE and WATER. These elements can be manipulated by pretenders. In the outer circle, you find the larger blue azurite crystals and the circular symbols. Again, starting at the top and going clockwise, those symbols represent the elements of REALITY: CONSCIOUSNESS, TIME, CONSEQUENCE AND SPACE. These elements can be manipulated by progenitors, like Mara.

Well, that was a little geeky, wasn’t it? Anyway, keep your eyes open in the next week or so, I will be posting the cover for Broken Souls (The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, Book 2). And the ebook should be out by the end of the month. (Paperback will take a little longer.)


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