First draft of Broken Souls done

Just finished up the final scene of Broken Souls this morning. The last few chapters of the book took much longer than I anticipated just trying to get all of the twists to turn the way they are supposed to. Winding up a story while simultaneously laying the groundwork for the next one is a challenge.

Rewrites should take the rest of the month, then off to the editor. If everything goes smoothly, it might still come out the last week of September. I’ll begin outlining Book 3, Broken Dragon,  while I’m doing rewrites. I’m hoping to have about a third of the first draft of Book 3 done before the edits on Book 2 come back. I’d love Broken Dragon to come out before the end of the year, if possible.

I’ll post the cover design for Broken Souls a week or two before the book is released.


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