Book 2 and sundry other items

I’ve added a progress bar to the Reader Update page so readers can see how Book 2 (Broken Souls) is coming along. I think I’m into a rhythm with the story now and I’m writing about two scenes a day. At that pace, the first draft should be done by the second week of July. Rewrites will take at least a couple of weeks more. Then it goes off to the editor. If all goes well, we’re still looking at a September release.

The Countdown deal at Amazon saw a definite bump in sales of Broken Realms, but the price is back up to $3.99 and will likely stay there at least until Book 2 comes out. I might consider doing another 99-cent deal on Book 1 when Book 2 comes out, but we’ll see. I’m thinking about dropping out of Amazon’s select program that gives them an exclusive on the books. There might be some benefit to distributing more widely to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, etc…

One other note: If you’ve read the book, please take a minute and write a review on Amazon, we’re still going really slow on that front and it really does matter to the success of a book (and its author.) Thanks.

Also, I can provide a review copy if you know someone who is interested in writing and  posting a review online. Just send them to the review copy request page.

Always open to ideas and suggestions from readers, so drop me a line if you like.


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