Broken Realms in print coming soon

I received proofs of the print edition of Broken Realms this morning and just approved the book to be released for sale. You should be able to order it on Amazon within a week. (I’ll add links to this post when it’s available.)

I have limited distribution of the book to Amazon because expanded distribution to other vendors caused the costs to go up nearly four dollars, which, in my tightwad opinion, prices the book out of the market. I don’t think most people want to pay $16 or $17 for a paperback. I have priced the book at $11.99, which makes it about half as profitable (to me) as the ebook, which is only $3.99.

Save some trees, buy the ebook.

In terms of availability of the ebook, it is likely I will expand to B&N, iTunes and Kobo once my 3-month term with KDP Select is up at the end of July. (KDP Select is a marketing program at Amazon that makes the book available for borrowing to Prime members, but authors must give Amazon an exclusive on the digital version of the book.)

Anyway, the print book looks cool and all, but it’s hard to beat the price of the ebook. (If you don’t own a Kindle, can can download apps for your tablet, phone or computer by going here.)

I’ll post updates on my progress with Book 2 in  a week or so.


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