Mara Lantern series name change; Book 7 coming soon

Broken Talisman (Book 7) is just about finished and will soon be going to the editor. I’ll post a release date as soon as I know one.

Also: With the release of the last book in the series (just to make things confusing), I’ll be updating the cover designs of Books 1 through 6 and changing the name of the series to Broken Realms (from the longer The Chronicles of Mara Lantern). See New and Old Broken Realms (Book 1) cover above.

The actual contents and titles of the first 6 books have not changed, just the series name and the designs of the covers. Book 7 will pick up Mara, Ping and Sam’s adventures right where they left off.

Hope you like the new look. I think the designers did a great job freshening them up. Stay tuned. I’ll post Book 7’s cover when I announce the release date.


Paperback edition of Broken Spells available

Those of you waiting for the paperback edition of Broken Spells (The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, Book 6) can purchase it now at Amazon. Here’s the link directly to the print edition.

The ebook and print editions haven’t been linked together as of this post, so use the link above if you want to order the printed book. Looking for the ebook version? Here’s that link.


Broken Spells now available

Broken Spells (The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, Book 6) is now on sale at Amazon for $3.99. The paperback version should be available later this week. I’ll post an update and a link when it’s available.

Hope you enjoy the book. Thanks.

Broken Spells goes to editor

Well, that took a little longer than I anticipated. Anyway, Broken Spells (The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, Book 6) is in the editor’s hands. Here’s the cover design. With luck, it will be available for purchase around the end of the month. I’ll post an update when it’s available.

If you’d like to get an email when it comes out, you can sign up here.

Thanks for the patience.

Sneak Peek at The Indigo Files

The plan is to begin publishing The Indigo Files series sometime in the Fall of 2018 after there are three books written in the series, and after I have completed The Chronicles of Mara Lantern.

However, I have Entangled (The Indigo Files, Book 1) written and didn’t want to let it sit around for a year without anyone reading it. So, I’m making it available to my email subscribers for free to hold them over while I finish up the adventures of Mara, Sam and Ping.

If you already subscribe to my new release list, you should have received an email with a link to download the book. If you missed the email, or you haven’t subscribed, you can subscribe here and download the book. (Existing subscribers can enter their address without worrying about getting duplicate emails from me. My list service eliminates duplicates automatically.)

Here’s the plot description of the book:

An action-adventure blend of X-Files and Warehouse 13—with psychics.

The Indigo Division of The Knowledge Reserve—a clandestine agency dedicated to keeping dangerous scientific research and information from becoming public—recruits former Secret Service agent Benjamin Delano.

In his first assignment, a homeless clairvoyant man helps Delano learn why a group of rogue Indigos—people with psychic abilities—is trying to kill the president and infiltrate the government.

Hope you enjoy the new book (and series).

What’s taking so long with Book 6?

For those of you still hanging in there waiting for the rest of the Mara Lantern series, I’d like to say thanks. I know there’s been a huge delay in getting the last two books out. If all goes to plan, Broken Spells (Book 6) should be out around Feb. 1, and Broken Talisman (Book 7) will be out around June 1. Assuming things keep going in the right direction.

So, what has taken so long?

In July of 2016, shortly after Broken Dreams was published, I came down with diffuse Scleroderma, which is a chronic auto-immune disease that causes thickening of the skin and connective tissues. In my case, this has happened over my entire body except for my head and face, making it difficult to walk, sit at a desk or type. (The best description I read compared it to being mummified alive.)

Anyway, I’ll spare you the gory details, but after several months of freaking out, a few more months trying to learn to use dictation software, and purchasing a small laptop with a flat keyboard, I’ve worked up a system for writing that works for me.

I recently completed the first novel in a new series, which I had started before getting ill, (I’ll post about that later) and I finished the Bonus Chapters for Broken Realms.

In the last few weeks, it feels like the Scleroderma has been letting up a bit, which, considering the alternatives, is great news. While it’s unlikely the damage it has done to my hands and legs will reverse itself, if it stalls out at this point, I can work around the limitations.

I’m keeping my crooked fingers crossed and counting my blessings.

Bonus Chapters for Broken Realms

To get my head back in the world of The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, and as an inducement for people to sign up for my email list, I’ve written some Bonus Chapters for Broken Realms.

It’s the story of when Sam and Ping met after the crash of the airliner in Chapter 2. Surprisingly, they don’t really show up until Chapter 12. For most of you, it’s been a long time since you’ve read the book. To give you context, you might want to read Chapter 2 before jumping into the Bonus Chapters.

I’m sending the download to my existing email subscribers, so they don’t need to resubscribe. However, if you’ve never joined the list, you can do so here. You can also find the link in the sidebar on this page.

The link takes you to a great service called Book Funnel. They will walk you through downloading the ebook file onto whatever device you have. They’ll even provide technical support if you need it.

Hope you enjoy the story.

Broken Dreams now on sale at Amazon

The folks over at Amazon approved and published Broken Dreams (The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, Book 5) more quickly than expected. Therefore, you are free to download at will (for $3.99). Here’s the link to the book’s page at Amazon, or you can click the cover image below. Thanks!


I haven’t scheduled the print version yet. To be honest, I’m debating whether to do one. The sales of print don’t cover the production costs. If you’d like me to continue producing a print version, drop me a line and I’ll reconsider.



Broken Dreams coming next week

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Here’s the cover of Broken Dreams (The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, Book 5). The kindle version should be available for download next week. I’ll post here when it’s available. Also, if you are subscribed to the New Release email list, you’ll get a notification in your inbox.


Broken Dreams gone to editor

Quick Update: Broken Dreams (The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, Book 5) went to the editor a couple of days ago. If there are no major glitches, it should be out before the end of the month. I’ll post when it’s available for download.
Also, if you want to get an email when new books are available, subscribe here.